Hey, I'm Grayson. Front-End Developer, nature lover, amateur traveler.

Photo of a laptop with code on its screen
A photo of me hiking at the Grand Canyon

I'm a motivated and enthusiastic web developer who studied full-stack web development at Georgia Tech's Web Development Boot Camp.

I enjoy learning techniques, methodologies, and best practices. That directly raises the standards I have for my work.

I have created many projects throughout my career, during my free time, and in my studies. I've wrote about a few of my favorites below.


An emphasis on fundamentals gives me the skills I need in order to succeed at more complex technologies, such as frameworks, libraries, and larger concepts.

JS / TSVue / NuxtReact / NextSass / CSSPHPGitLinux / CLIHTML


I am almost always working on some kind of side project. That allows me to expand my knowledge about my field, and learn about things that I may not normally encounter. Plus, I enjoy it!


Built for an Axe Throwing company, a full-stack application composed of a Next.js front-end and a custom Node back-end.


A niche ecommerce project for a company named Bagmart. It features custom functionality and theming.

Me on a patio working on my laptop


Get in touch with me if you're looking for a developer, have a question, or just want to connect.